KT 76A


The KT 76A is a Class 1A transponder providing maximum performance at altitudes up to 35,000 feet.

This compact unit was among the first of our avionics to incorporate Large Scale Integrated (LSI)circuitry, reducing both weight and power requirements. And today, its design efficiency and rugged construction offer a near-ideal balance of performance, reliability and value.

All Mode A and Mode C transponders perform the same functions: replying to radar interrogations, providing Air Traffic Control (ATC) with positive identification, and showing your ground speed on the controller\'s radar monitor. With an encoding altimeter or blind encoder, the transponder can also transmit altitude.

The KT 76A combines an extra-rigid, durable switchboard with easy access to all components. Unlike other transponders the 76A can be opened like a book to expose every part and printed circuit board-significantly reducing maintenance costs and downtime .

It is this attention to detail that makes the KT 76A one of the most successful transponders in general aviation history.