These self contained, 200-channel systems, with their powerful solid state transmitters, provide you with the search and lock-on in about a second.

Both the KN 62A and KN 64 can be channeled remotely through almost any NAV receiver, or tuned directly with their own frequency selection knobs. They even have duel channeling capability, making two DME frequencies available to you at all times -one remote, with one stored internally. So what you have, in effect, is a functional DME Hold Mode. A three position function switch makes these system extremely simple to use, putting all the information you need and want at your fingertips.

The numbers are easy to read illuminated against a more contemporary faceplate and large sturdy knobs providing a sense of greater precision and control.


Weight: 2.6 lbs. (16.032 cm)

Width: 6.312 in. (16.032 cm)

Power Required: 11-33 VDC at 15 watts

Height: 1.30 in. (3.302 cm)

Length: 12.258 in. (31.135 cm)

Maximum Altitude: 50,000 ft.