GPS Aera 660 Garmin GPS Aera 660 Garmin


Physical & Performance Physical dimensions: 5.5W x 3.4H x .8D (14.1 x 8.7x 2.1 cm) Display size, WxH: 4.35\"W x 2.61\"H (11.1 x 6.6 cm); 5.08\" diag (12.9cm) Display resolution, WxH: 480 x 800; portrait and landscape orientation Display type: touchscreen WVGA color TFT with white backlight Weight: 8.64 ounces (245 g) with battery; 7.23 ounces (205 g) without battery Battery: removable, rechargeable lithium-ion Battery life: Up to 4 hours during most daytime conditions, (80% backlight) and wireless connectivity in the cockpit, e.g. GTX 345; up to 6 hours during typical nighttime conditions, (5% backlight) and without wireless connectivity. SBAS/WAAS/GLONASS receiver: high-sensitivity with WAAS position accuracy Voltage range: 10-35 IFR or VFR: VFR Traffic Information Services (TIS) alerts compatible: yes Accepts data cards: yes (microSD cards) Inclusos GPS Aera 660 Suporte para manche com cabos Bateria Adaptador AC Cabo USB Manual em inglês e documentação