S1 Digital


The Quiet Revolution:
The new SENNHEISER S1 Digital general aviation headset was specially developed for pilots of single- and twin-engine propeller aircraft respectively helicopter and ensures safe and reliable voice communication, easy control, outstanding audio quality, and wearing comfort. At the heart of this technical innovation is the new Digital Adaptive NoiseGard™ system, a technology that sets entirely new standards in the field of noise compensation and makes the dream of flight even safer. With a push of button the headset adapts to the noise environment in the cockpit within seconds.

For the development of the S1 Digital, Sennheiser found a perfect partner in BMW Group DesignworksUSA. The result of their collaboration are groundbreaking features such as a special eyeglass zone, treble boost control and adjustable contact pressure. The Bluetooth wireless interface lets you connect your headset to a cell phone and MP3 player and makes listening above the clouds an unforgettable experience.

- Smart Update digital ANR customizes noise reduction to the user\\\\\\\'s aircraft environment
- Headband tension adjustment for customized comfort
- Foldable ear cups
- Treble boost for customized audio clarity
- Peak-level protection for hearing safety
- Ear-pad comfort zones do not squeeze on user\\\\\\\'s glasses
- Specially designed communication and music filters optimize sound quality
- Bluetooth phone and music connectivity
- Built-in mic bias voltage for cell-phone use
- Fail safe operation - headset can be used as a conventional, passive headset in case of power failure