HMEC 460


The SENNHEISER HMEC 460 / 461 is a new circumaural pilot\\\'s headset with NoiseGard™ active noise compensation for use in propeller and turbo prop aircraft.

Its silver coloured surface gives it an exclusive and premium-class look. The HMEC 460 not only has an extra generously padded headband and extremely soft ear pads, it also features a low 8.0 N contact pressure, 20 % less than its predecessor.

The HMEC 460 even includes sockets for multimedia applications: an extra 3.5mm Audio-In-socket for those who want to connect their MP3-player directly to the headset, and a 2.5mm Cell-Phone-In-socket for the cell phone.
- Modern design, stylish silver finish
- Extremely comfortable to wear thanks to reduced contact pressure (approx. 7N) and improved ear pads and headband padding
- Superior audio quality
- Noise-compensated boom microphone for superior speech transmission
- Control unit provides the following features: Volume control, audio-In, cell-phone-in, switch for NoiseGard™ on/off, switch mono/stereo, switch boom left/right, 2-coloured status-LED
- NoiseGard supply can be used either from 2x AA batteries of from aircraft by - XLR-3 connector
- Auto shut-off function
- Can be used as conventional headphones when supply voltage for - - - NoiseGardTM is switched off
- 10 year warranty