Featuring many capabilities combined in one unit, the GPSMAP 696 is the ultimate portable MFD. This all-in-one unit has been specifically designed for aviation and features a large 7\\\" diagonal screen, XM weather charts and data.

No Chart? No Problem.
An IFR mode has been incorporated allowing for the use of Garmin FliteCharts and ChartView. With this ability, the GPSMAP-696 provides the key functions of a Class 1/Class 2 electronics flight bag (EFB), which reduces the need for paper charts in the cockpit. The IFR mode also allow for the display of victor airways, jet routes, minimum enroute altitudes and leg distance, as you would see on traditional enroute charts. FliteCharts are Geo-Referenced which displays the aircraft position directly onto the approach plate. Users will be able to upgrade their unit to allow for display of the Jeppesen\\\'s extensive library of charts.
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