Bigger is better with Garmin\'s new GPSMAP-695. This new larger format enables a full range of features not possible on smaller units. Some GPSMAP-695 features include: split screen panel page with full map, a high resolution terrain page with high contrast 2D depiction along with a vertical profile of terrain along your route of flight, and so much more. The GPSMAP 695 also becomes Garmin\'s first portable with Victor airways and Jet routes. There is no GPSMAP that is more user friendly than Garmin’s GPSMAP 695. Easy-to-use operations include: innovative rotary knob/joystick or \"click stick\", faster rotary knob, easy joystick map panning and waypoint identification . Another new feature is a scalable Satellite View of any location on the Earth. Also included are electronic Garmin FlightCharts®, which enable the new GPSMAP 696 to function much like a Class I or Class II Electronic Flight Bag, thereby reducing the use of paper in the cockpit. FlightCharts are electronic NACO Terminal Procedures for the entire US and are preloaded in the unit. The factory uploaded FlightCharts will disappear after 6 months. Purchasing a subscription is required for continuous chart availability. The new website will allow owners to subscribe to FlightCharts and also update all databases necessary to keep their GPSMAP 695 current in 3 simple steps.